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Tuesday, Jan. 19 - DAILY AGENDA

10:00-11:00 AM KEYNOTE ADDRESS: 

 How Data Analytics and Technology Design will Dictate Our Civic Future


Latanya Sweeney will kick off both the Computefest 2021 workshops and Harvard's DataFest workshops which take place during the same week and are complementary to ComputeFest.

REGISTER for keynote separately here.

Build Vision Models

The workshop will be an in-depth tutorial on transfer learning for computer vision. It will cover state of the art models and how to perform transfer learning in general with practical examples. Topics that will be covered include the following:


  • CNNs

  • Transfer learning

  • SOTA models

  • Network distillation


  • Image classification

  • Feature extraction

  • Create embeddings

  • Distillation

IACS lead: Pavlos Protopapas


9:00   AM     -   10:00 AM         Lecture

10:00 AM     -   11:00 AM         Keynote

11:00 AM     -   12:30 PM         Workshops

12:30 PM     -   1:30   PM         Lunch break

1:30   PM     -    4:30  PM          Lecture / Workshops


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