Where can I find ComputeFest forums ? 
https://computefestforum.seas.harvard.edu/  (Note: this is only for registered participants)
Who is considered Harvard Affiliates ?
You are a Harvard affiliate if you have a University ID:  current student, faculty, staff, and alumni.  
Is there a github for this conference ? 
Yes - https://github.com/Harvard-IACS/2021-ComputeFest
How do I log on to the workshops? 

You will receive links each day for the workshop at the email address you used for your registration. These will be sent out on Monday January 18 and then each successive evening.

How do I access the Tuesday (01/19) keynote speech? 

This is a separate registration- you can register here https://harvard.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_0JNcsPpAQ7mau__QRCrwGA  and once registered, you will receive your own individual link automatically.

Are the recordings going to be available ? 

Yes, recordings will be available for participants. 

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